IT service

The Innovative Projects Center's IT services are based on the principles of approach to the needs and needs of users, the way they work and formulate a common technical task based on it. In this mutually beneficial environment, it is possible for IT infrastructure to be properly identified and resolved in a number of areas requiring technical support and improvement, including inspection, review, resolution, installation and transmission, expansion, upgrade and upgrade.

IT consulting

Professional consulting services of Innovative Projects Center is a flexible structure which is accessible for users, built on fundamental knowledge for finding relevant solutions, also constantly updated and improved. The relevant specialists and experts are involved according to the content of received inquiries. This is important for rapid processing of inquiries and formation of replies. The specialists of Innovative Projects Center are sufficiently experienced to adjust the equipments and provide regular services on them in order to ensure high level operation of computers, office hardware, help desks, video surveillance systems, information technologies generally used in the work.


Innovative Projects Center can provide comprehensive information and services on software application, optimization and principles of use of already installed systems. Programs for banks and financial organizations, state authorities, mobile communication operators, databases are widely used and demanded products of constantly changing world of information and communication technologies. Adaptation and re-production of these products in accordance with local demand, also installation and provision of technical support are main targets of Innovative Projects Center. Customized activities in this field are built and carried out in accordance with the needs of individual customers. Control of user's IT infrastructure and identification of all important nodes requiring a timely update by professional inspection of the infrastructure, also resolution of other problems are possible with the advice and assistance of constantly developing IT team possessing deep knowledge on IT technologies.